Renewable electricity and thermal energy

Finding an economic value for its energy co-products.

The energy transition requires rethinking the economic models of companies and questioning their energy needs. The substitution of fossil fuels can be achieved through a range of solutions that are determined based on needs, as well as availability and feasibility of the project. The implementation of renewable thermal and electric energy projects must take into account the energy needs and uses within the structure.

Pôlénergie supports economic actors through the realization of renewable energy opportunity studies. The main objective is to provide understanding of the project, determine the best possible dimensioning by integrating technical, economic, regulatory, and legal intervention models. Solutions deployed in the past are not necessarily those of tomorrow; Pôlénergie studies the best solutions based on needs, development prospects, and opportunities offered by the sites.


Opportunity study for the substitution of natural gas

3 monts

Opportunity study for the substitution of natural gas

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Fast operational methods for renewable electricity and thermal energy


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Strengthen awareness and knowledge, equip you with tools, and promote a genuine energy culture.

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