Networks and territorial intelligence / industrial symbiosis

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Networks and circular economy, intrinsically linked to the notion of territorial intelligence, are becoming increasingly important to us because energy projects, and even industrial ones, are increasingly dependent on an ecosystem and a territory. We are in a period of transformation that invites us to rethink development and economy based on these new projects: each territory seeks its energy autonomy to capitalize on its economic strengths.

We have supported several projects in this direction:

  • ZIBAC Dunkirk: DKarbonation. The call for projects is part of the strategy to accelerate the decarbonization of industry, one of whose objectives is to promote the development of Low Carbon Industrial Zones (ZIBaC – Zone Industrielle Bas Carbone). Through this program, the French State aims to support industrial territories in their ecological and energy transformation in order to gain competitiveness and attractiveness to support the resumption of economic activity.
  • GRTgaz/SICAE study of the Somme and Cambrésis area: the purpose of the study is to provide GRTgaz and SICAE with a strategic vision of the territory in order to obtain a better understanding of the potential for production and consumption of the H2 and synthetic methane sectors. At the end of the study, GRTgaz and the SICAE will have a map of local actors related to the hydrogen and synthetic methane sector of the territory.

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