Low-carbon mobility

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The regulatory context also requires actors in the territory to adapt their approach to mobility, the primary source of CO2 emissions. Whether through traffic restrictions via Low-Emissions Zones, the obligation to implement a Mobility Plan for certain companies with more than 100 employees, or the requirement to equip non-residential building parking lots with electric vehicle charging stations by 2025.

Pôlénergie supports companies and territories in meeting these new requirements and regulatory framework through various actions structured as follows:

  • The national ADVENIR Formation program (https://www.je-roule-en-electrique.fr/advenir-formations) led by AVERE France under the auspices of the Ministry of the Transition, aims to prepare actors of the transition to electric mobility through tailor-made training sessions fully supported for :
    • Territorial actors: elected officials, technicians, environmental/mobility managers, housing and urban planning services…
    • Real estate professionals: Condominium associations, social landlords, developers.
    • Students
  • Support for the implementation of an Employer Mobility Plan, aimed at determining a set of measures to optimize the movements related to the activity of a company and its staff:
    • Framing and launching the approach
    • Diagnostic: State of play (FREIGHT + Personal travel), mobility survey, accessibility study, diagnostic report
    • Development of an action plan
  • Mobility study fleet adaptation, aimed at defining a fleet adaptation strategy for companies in line with their needs and in the context of decarbonizing mobility
    • Assessment of the existing situation and understanding of the approach
    • Analysis of the adequacy between supply and demand
    • Proposal for a fleet renewal strategy

Very relevant and adapted training to the challenges of tomorrow and the training of elected officials. The plurality of topics covered gives an overview and allows to understand the ins and outs of this booming ecosystem!

SIDEC (Syndicat mixte de l’Energie du Cambrésis)

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